Blind Type Exothermic Sleeves


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Blind Type Exothermic sleeves

These sleeves are available in various sizes ranging from 1” to 7” dia & maximum height of 8”. Sleeves are available in open & blind categories


1. Highly exothermic in nature, MEF (1.6)

2. These sleeves are also insulating in nature do not cause initial chill of metal in the sleeves

3. High feeding efficiency.

4. Reduce rejections by way of reducing rejections & improving yield of casting.

Bulk Density 0.65 to 0.75 g/cc
Permeability AFS 20 - 30
Compression Strength Min. 5.5 kg/cm 2
Moisture at the time of packing 1.5% max.

Technical data sheets will be available on request. Please feel free to contact Us.

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