Alumina Foam Filters


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Alumina Foam Filter

These filters are made by replication technique using high quality recticulated foam imported from Germany (Europe).
These filters provide very high surface area made up of the materials like Sic, Zirconia, Alumina, Etc. which are non wetting to metals and wetting to the metal oxides and other non-metallic materials.
The tortuous path for liquid metal in the structure of the filter controls the speed of liquid metal and the metal gets sufficient time in contact with the filter surface area which increases the filtration efficiency.
The metal leaving the filter flows perfectly in a laminar fashion & further oxidation of liquid metal is fully controlled before its entry into the mould.


1. The material construction of Al2O3 (Alumina) does not react with the molten aluminium.

2. Liquid Aluminium gets sufficient time in contact with the filter which very effectively removes all non-metallic particles by adsorption effect.

3. High hot strength of the filter increases life of filter in case of continuous filtration.

Category Alumina
Color White
Porosity 10-40 PPI
Temperature 1100°C max
Compressive Strength > 0.8 MPa
Bulk Density 0.45 ± 0.05 gm/cm3
Transverse Strength > 0.8 MPa
Volume porosity 70 – 75 %

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