Open Type Insulating Selves

Highly insulating sleeves which can be used for steel, ductile and cast iron and copper base alloy castings. Being highly insulating in nature, there is no initial chilling effect on liquid metal. Highly porous structure and low density of sleeve offers high value of M.E.F. This reduces the size of riser required drastically. Sleeves are available in open and blind types in size range from 1.5 inch to 12.00 inches diameter
We are one of the leading manufacturers of insulating sleeves in india.


Sl.No Description Specification
1 Bulk Density 0.40 to 0.50 g/c.c.
2 Permiability Min. AFS 50
3 Moisture at time of
1.5 % max.

Why to Use Insulating Sleeves ?
• 30 % to 50 % savings in riser metal as compared to sand risers.
• High M.E.F. value (1.50 Min.) allows much smaller risers compared to other local branded sleeves. Hence reduces cutting and fettling costs appreciablly.
• Big expenditure on repairing of castings by welding after riser cutting is eliminated.
• Gives high casting yields and reduces production cost.
• High volume feeding efficiency.
• Reduces rejections due to shrinkages effectively reducing production cost.
• Being purely insulating in nature, it does not contaminate the metal.
• Does not cause contamination of metal.